I started taking pictures at 14.
In photography I was looking for answers about the world, about life, about myself.
Time has passed since then and I have found some answers.
Why going on with photography then?
Because every answer carried a new question.
Because every picture is sometimes a point of arrival and is always a new start.
When in 1992 I discovered multi-image, I thought I had just found a way to exhibit my pictures.
It was only later, that I realised I had found much more.
Multi-image became a possibility to communicate my personal point of view on the world through an extraordinary combination of forms of expression.
group India

I was born in 1956 and I became interested in photography very young.
Curious about man and his world, my interest immediately turned to documentary production and ethnic reporting through visiting many countries.

Many of my works tell stories and show pictures from these places in a personal manner.

In the last few years I’ve tried to express myself through nature. I want to portray nature in an extremely neat and essential fashion, emphasising its strength and beauty…

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