What is multi-image?

Photography, video, text, graphic, music – this are the artistic components multi-image is made of.

It is always very difficult to move and surprise, in any field – artistic or not – especially when the audience is increasingly cultivated, refined, shrewd and demanding. As a result, creating successful works gets more and more challenging, given also that for the creation of multi-image pieces an in-depth knowledge encompassing various fields is necessary.
     Whether in the case of a simple sequence of images with background music or a more complex arrangement, the main goal of this form of expression is to comunicate a personal vision of the world.
     A photographic research, the tale of a story, the rendering of an emotion are just some of the possible subjects the artist’s work may delve into.

Over time my style has specialised in photographic narrative. I focused on the basic elements of multi-image: photography, music and cultural content, and brought them to a high quality level.

     My desire to create a strong emotional involvement has always driven me to imbue my work with poetic influence.

     From a technical point of view, the beginning of the new millennial determined a major shift from slide projectors to high definition video projectors, from audio recorders to digital files and from electronic control units to computers.

     Even direction necessarily underwent an adjustment to the new expressive forms that became available with such technological shift. This whole process demanded a significant effort in terms of learning and development.
     It is almost impossible to put into words the powerful impact a well-made projection has on its viewers. For this reason, if you are still new to this particular form of art, I invite you to experience it first-hand at one of my shows.


Below are my main multi-image works – the result of several years of study and experimentation. Subjects span from nature to ethnic research, art and history.


Discover the magical world of Nature. From the micro-cosmo of insects to the big animals of the savannah; from the harsh landscapes of the North to the sweet atmospheres of our hills; from the colors of flowers to the colors of fish in the sea. These presentations give the opportunity to have a closer look at the marvels of this charming world.

“Earth integrity is one of the topics I most take to heart. When presenting my environmental reports the aim is to show the most beautiful places and creatures of our world in order to make people aware of the importance of their preservation.
A rich collection of long and hard-working shots, evidence of the most different environments, can not be missed.”


Traveling has always been the dream of everybody: multi-image allows you to travel retrieving the emotions of the contact of far away and different worlds. Short but extremely intense journeys, where music plays a major role creating an incredible and fascinating atmosphere.

I have visited many countries, mainly in Africa and Asia, and on my way back I have tried to turn my experiences into pieces with a cultural and documentative content. Sometimes I have related my feelings directly, other times I have enriched contents with famous people’s quotations. In some of these pieces I left only the enchantment of music to underline these interior journeys. On my way I have told and shown some among the most beautiful and rich of traditions places in the world.

Art and History

A wide and open look at the world around us, with the aim of creating a chance to reflect about social problems such as war, childhood, marginalization, but also an original way to discover the magic, the history and the value of other artistic forms such as music, painting or dancing.

Creativity is the most personal form of expression we can offer those who align themselves with this form of communication.
We then thought it almost unavoidable the need to explore the relationship between our innermost side and the environment we live in. I did so with reflections which sometimes can be strong and at other times poetic, but always very subtly suggested.”

The Setup of my Shows

My shows are usually held at night in adequately darkened locations. The duration is around 1 hour 30.
The program includes 5 o 6 pieces, depending on their length. A brief presentation introduces the subject of each work.
While organising a show, works are selected according to the different themes they display, in order to give the audience a general idea of multi-image’s emotional and expressive potential.
On demand, it is also possible to set up a show on a specific topic.

The institutions that invite me to perform a show usually are:
• Departments of culture
• Libraries
• Photographic circles
• Planner of artistic and cultural events
Over 700 among personal shows and participations to multi-image festivals confirmed the value of the message my works convey.

My experience in multi-image

     My interest in multi-image began in 1992. My purpose was to present and give relevance to my photographic researches. The discovery of this amazing world led me to attend the main national and international environments of the sector. I then initiated my own personal production, which eventually allowed me to enter the world of this extraordinary form of expression.

The friendships and relationships that encouraged me to broaden my creativity in the field and to develop my own personal style date back to this period.

     The positive reception my participation met in several contests and festivals spurred me to embrace and support this artistic discipline.

With other multi-image enthusiasts, I founded ‘Marco Polo Multivisioni’ Cultural Association, which aims at promoting all aspects of culture that involve multi-image as art expression, contributing to the creation of new reference points of this discipline on the national scene.

     I therefore began to organise a number of workshops focused on the techniques for the creation of multi-image works and to plan a number of new gatherings and events.

     The Carlo’s long presence in the world of multi-image has allowed him to develop a practical experience in organization. The Fantadìa International Festival of Multi-image, which takes place in Asolo, is definitely the most important event.
Formed in collaboration with Il Parallelo Multivisioni of Padua, the festival was born in 1996, and it achieved its maximum success in 2001, when the installations placed in different parts of the historic centre involved the whole town in a unique environment of rare beauty from the artistic and architectonic point of view.

In never before seen audio visual shows the union between multi-image and other forms of art such as dance and live music has been evocatively and successfully tried. Norwegian, Australian, American, English, Austrian, Scottish, German and Italian authors presented the best of world-wide multi-image works and shows at a very high level.

     When the Fantadia experience had been finished, I turned my engagement to the organization of reviews and shows.

     The multi-image scenographies creation for the musical group BARBAPEDANA‘s concert has been a surely interesting experience. They are a formation which plays traditional and popular musics of Eastern Europe, specialized in Balkan and Jewish music called Klezmer music

The group, which has many active incisions, make long researches where the traditional music come from and is constantly in contact with authors and musicians from Eastern Europe.

For multi-image scenographies I’ve used images which have a great graphic effects projected on rooms’ walls, and which create an atmosphere without borders. And the use of real images referring to the places where musics were born, projected in appropriate screens, has given a great cultural importance to events.

More than 100 representations in several Italian towns have confirmed the value of this cooperation.

     The organization takes care for several years especially of the following festivals:

  • IMAGO MUNDI, national festival – Municipal theatre of Falzé di Trevignano (TV) – 20 editions (see)
  • LET’S DISCOVER MULTI-IMAGE, national festival – Municipal auditorium of Feletto (UD) – From 2001 to 2014
  • ON THE WINGS OF EMOTIONS, national festival – Municipal auditorium of Remanzacco (UD) – 10 editions

  • ANIMA MUNDI, national festival – Villa dei Manzoni ai Patt in Sedico (BL) – 5 editions  (see)

Courses and seminaries

     In collaboration with A.I.D.A.M.A. (Italian Association of Artistic Multi-image Authors) I’ve organized and led, in several Italian towns, different seminaries turned to the learning of the Technics for multi-image.

These courses permitted to beginners to become closer to this form of expression, and to experts to improve their technics, using some simple but basic reading keys.

     The Association has taken place into the organization of a specialized course, which lasted 400 hours, for the I.A.L. Learning Job Institute in Pordenone for the creation of a new professional figure: the multi-image creator.

For more information about multi-image, workshops
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